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Hydrogen peroxide for oil spill

10:17 May 16 2010 Levittown, PA 19056

Sender: mike mohn
Phone: 215-547-2938

Has anyone considered using industrial hydrogen peroxide (approx 50% concentration) to help destroy oil in the Gulf spill? There are likely several ways to use it in this application. Peroxide is often used in environmental remediation to oxidize petroleum into CO2 and water. One big problem with the spill is the dissolved oxygen in the water will be used up. Peroxide can help restore the dissolved oxygen and will help oxidize the dispersed oil. At the very least, peroxide could be applied at the edges/perimeter of the plume to attack the oil and or dispersants as they move outward into new areas, or close to shore. Again, interception/containment strategies such as this are pretty standard in the environmental engineering area.

Get a bunch of barges full of it out there and dump it in and grab some water samples, you will find out quick. Call an industrial peroxide vendor like FMC, etc. they will be happy to provide you with information, costs, etc.

Too expensive? Who cares - let BP foot the bill. Not tested? How much testing have they done for the dispersants before they actually used them in this application?

I do not have costs or performance data but I believe this is worth investigating further, good luck.
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Michael Green (May 26 2010)
I am deligted to see that someone has proposed H2O2. The same idea ocurred to me. I suspect that the best use would be to polymerize at least some of the hydrocarbon. If it is injected into the stream of oil (ideally from as far down as possible), the polymer might slow, and eventually, clog, the pipe. Since there is little time for mixing, an annular tube,with the outside containing either Fe3+ or Fe(EDTA) complex, to decompose the H2O2 rapidly and produce OH. free radicals, might be appropriate. The OH. would be responsible for the polymerization. The central (H2O2) and annular (Fe) tubes would keep the two components separated until they reached the point at which the OH. might work.
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